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NSAV Solutions provides technology solutions and services to help improve student learning and creates productive learning environments.

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A leader in education technology for over a decade.

Northstar AV, now NSAV Solutions has been trusted by educators and faculty for over a decade. During that time we have worked hand in hand to develop creative solutions to educator's unique needs. With thousands of customers across America, we understand the different challenges our customers face. NSAV provides a human touch and a personal approach to help to solve those challenges.

In a rapidly changing technology landscape, how a message is delivered is equally as important as the message itself.  The pressure for educators to learn and adapt to new technology all while educating students is a neverending process. NSAV is your partner to help improve student learning and to simplify the process of doing so.

Why NSAV Solutions

  • proven track record of success
  • streamlined purchasing and procurement process
  • knowledgeable account executives
  • An all in one source for Ed tech
  • increased purchasing power
  • improved customer dashboard

Create engaging classroom experiences

We help teachers and students leverage technology
solutions and services to enhance learning. Integrating
the right solutions to create a more immersive learning

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Our success is yours

NSAV Solutions' job is not just to supply products to our customers, it's to provide creative solutions to help improve the lives of the people that use them and to support educators and improve the learning experience of all students.

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